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Unformatted text preview: 1 Spring 2006, CEM252 Quiz 10 (25 Points) 1. (6 Points, 2 points each box) Give the correct structures for the following compounds. a) L-Leucine b) L- Galactose c) Piperidine 2. (4 Points, 1 points each box) Give the product(s) of the following reactions. O A) OPh 1) LiAlH4 2) H3O O H 1) NaBH4 2) H3O B) PhCO3H C) OH Jones (H2CrO4) D) 2 3) (8 Points, 4 points each) provide an efficient synthesis for the following compounds starting with the given starting material and any necessary reagents. O A) Any amino acids ? PhH2C NH2 N H CO2H B) ? OH 3 4) (3 Points, 1 point each box) Complete the following polymerization reactions. Br a) ROOR Heat A short segment of the polymer b) + O OH2CH2CO CH2CH2CH2CH2 O Heat OCH2CH2O n A short segment of the polymer 5. (4 Points) Draw the structure of the b-furanose (Haworth formula) for the following sugar. CH2OH O H HO H OH H OH CH2OH A b-furanose ...
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