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1 E NGLISH 50/I NTRO C REATIVE W RITING F ALL 07 R OBERT H ILL L ONG RHL 10@ PSU . EDU 229 Burrowes Hours : Tues/Thurs 1:30-3:00 ( or by appt T/Th 12:45-1:30, 3-4) Here’s the Neapolitan Ice Cream of creative writing: you get heaping servings of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, and access to your own fruit/nut/toppings bar (located in the heart, in memory, in moment to moment vision of the world) with which to personalize what, after all, is the dessert course of the university’s writing world. You experiment with flavors of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and thereafter find the mixtures that you’d want to be served at your party of the century, at your wedding, at your wake. We’re going to read—all great writers were first omnivorous readers—, we’re going to write and revise, and we’re going to talk about how to do these things more skillfully and authentically. Make the most of it. ________________________________________________ R EQUIREMENTS /G RADING BREVITY: A JOURNAL OF CONCISE LITERARY NONFICTION <> SUDDEN FICTION INTERNATIONAL (SHAPARD, THOMAS, EDS.) POETRY PACKET: WORKING IN TRADITIONAL FORMS & CREATING NEW PATTERNS Save absences for excusable illness/emergency situations, & email me your reason for absence. Workshop is a community of critical and creative participation; be willing to ask interesting, discussable questions about the texts & your peers’ work. Excessive unexcused absences/routine unreadiness for discussion will lower your final grade [-6 to -???]. Workbook. I recommend a pocket/purse-sized notebook that can accompany you to our meetings & to the coffeeshop—but you can use any form of writing medium/implement for writing exercises, assorted notes, ideas, etc. Workshops will be mostly informal/voluntary, based on my invitation & your interest in group feedback. Best to post/email via Angel any work for which you wish a general reading/reaction. No points are associated with workbooks/workshopping. 8 drafts: 2 Nonfictions (750+ words); 2 Fictions (750+ words), 2 Poems; 2 drafts your choice (N/F/P, or a mix of genres). 8 revisions (including at least 1 revision in each genre). Type, date & number each draft (1-8); on it, write an endnote that candidly enlightens me (& others) of your aims/questions/problems in writing it. [72 points = 8 drafts@5 points, 8 revisions@ 4 points] 3 Critical Annotations (750+ words). The standard here is 1 per genre. The annotation is informal literary criticism, “workshop talk” on the page (not a formal essay): it should embody critical clarity and candor, without stressing personal distaste or stating the obvious. Annotations are due by Weeks 4 (N), 8 (F), 12 (P). [18 points = 3@6 points] Conferences. You may schedule a conference during office hours any week for informal mentoring on specific creative/critical challenges. I may request a conference or two with you as well.
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