Worksheet+4 - Which molecules form the backbone in nucleic...

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Notetaker: Other group members: Visitors with time/day of discussion: What interactions give (create) primary, secondary, tertiary, quarternary structure in a protein? What proteins keep other proteins unfolded until they are in the correct environment to fold properly? Name 3 causes of protein denaturation: What refolds denatured proteins? What chops up and recycles proteins that can not be renatured? What is the signal that a proteins can't be renatured? What diseases can occur if this structure doesn't function properly? From what macromolecules are enzymes made? What do enzymes do? How? Which reactions do enzymes power? How are other types of reactions powered in a cell? What is the physical/chemical basis of this power?
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Unformatted text preview: Which molecules form the backbone in nucleic acids? Label them on the next figures . What are nitrogenous bases? What sugars are involved? In what macromolecule is each sugar found? Which of these are purines? Which are pyrimidines? What goes in what comes out in each step? What gets oxidixed? what gets reduced? Describe the key features of this system, what goes in what comes out. Label the proteins, describe what they do and where the energy comes from. Where is oxygen required? What happens if you don't have enough oxygen? Why is this necessary? What are these incredibly important molecules? What questions/topics do you most want to cover next week in discussion?...
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Worksheet+4 - Which molecules form the backbone in nucleic...

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