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Give the steps and the reason for each of the steps shown in these Molecular Biology protocols. DNA has a net negative charge and runs towards the + end (anode) The smaller the DNA fragments the faster they run.
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What is MyoD and what does it do? Once Myo D is expressed, what happens? Myo D is a Master Regulator. The protein MyoD is a Transcription Factor that binds to the promoters on the DNA that codes for other (different) Transcription Factors. By binding the promoters and helping initiate transcription of these genes MYO D sets the cell on the path to become a muscle cell because the transcription factors it activates cause a cascade that eventually activates muscle specific genes. The protein MYOD also binds its own promoter. It binds the promoter for its own myoD gene. So once MYOD (the protein) is made, it will always be made!!! Describe the Bicoid experiment, where does bicoid come from? why does it form a gradient? Why does it cause headless 2-tailed flies? The bicoid gene is transcribed in the mother's nurse cells and the mRNA is placed in the egg at the end closest to the nurse cells.
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