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BIOLOGY 100 - Human Biology GENETICS PRACTICE PROBLEMS Part 1 Question 1 For each of the diploid genotypes presented below, determine the genetic make up for all of the possible haploid gametes. a. Rr R, r b. RrYy RY, Ry, rY, ry c. rrYy rY, ry d. RrYY RY, rY e. RrYyBb RYB, RyB, RYb, Ryb, rYB, ryB, rYb, ryb ------------------------- Question 2 Use the Punnett square to determine all of the offspring genotypes (and their relative frequencies) from the following crosses: a. Rr x Rr R r R r R R b. Rr x rr R RR Rr r Rr rr r Rr rr c. RR x Rr r Rr rr r Rr rr r Rr rr a) 1:2:1 b) 1:1 c) 1:1 ------------------------- Question 3 In the problem above, the "R" allele is a dominant allele specifying for round seeds (in peas), while the "r" allele is the recessive allele specifying for wrinkled seeds. Give the expected frequencies (as percentages or ratios) for the phenotypes of the offspring resulting from each of the crosses above. a) 3:1
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