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Lecture16+key - Lecture 16 Karyotyping When Karyotypes are...

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Lecture 16: Karyotyping When Karyotypes are prepared, ___ white ____ blood cells are usually collected fixed and stained. To get a lot of cells in Mitosis, the cells are stimulated with growth factors _____ to divide. Then the cells are arrested with colchicine a drug that blocks _ microtubule depolymerization ___. The homologous chromosome pairs are lined up by _ size __ and banding pattern (centromere position) Banding is due to differential binding of the stain to the _ proteins ____ associated with the chromosome. Meiosis Meiosis is the process whereby _ gametes ___ are formed. This requires division of homologous chromosome pairs ______ in germline cells. If meiosis is normal in mammals, this causes the cells to be (choose 1: diploid _ haploid or polyploid). In Interphase of Meiosis I the chromosomes duplicate to form __ sister chromatids __________. In Prophase I of Meiosis __ homologous ___ chromosomes are condensed into the_ synaptonemal ___ complex, form a tetrad ___ and crossing over __ occurs at the chiasmata.In Metaphase I of Meiosis the spindle __ microtubules __
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