Old Midterm One Form A

Old Midterm One Form A - Economics 101-008 Professor...

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Economics 101-008 Last Name ___________________________________ Professor Michael Salemi First Name __________________________________ September 25, 2007 PID Number _________________________________ Midterm Exam One TA Name and Section Number __________________ During this examination, students may not use notes, books, computers, programmable calculators, cell phones or any electronic device other than a simple calculator. Students may not talk with other students or look at the exam papers of other students. Once the exam begins, students may not leave the room until they finish and turn in their exams. Honor Pledge: I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this examination. I know and have abided by the examination rules and instructions. Signed: ______________________________________________________________ Instructions 1. On the blue “bubble” sheet: a. Bubble in your last name, first name and PID. b. Bubble in the section number of your recitation in the “sequence number area” as 1018xx where xx is determined by your section number. For example, someone in section 812 would bubble in 101812. See below for a list of section numbers. c. We will assess a 2 point penalty against a student who incorrectly bubbles name, PID, or section number. d. Write the form color of the examination on the upper left corner of the bubble sheet. The form is “white”, “green”, “blue” or “yellow”. 2. The examination includes 33 equally weighted questions. Answer all questions by marking the bubble sheet and by circling the correct answer on the examination itself. In the case of conflict, the scantron answer is the official answer. If you believe there is no right answer or more than one right answer to any question, explain your reasoning on the back of the exam sheet (not the scantron sheet). We will not consider an appeal unless you have recorded your argument on the back of the exam sheet during the exam period. 3. When you have finished the examination, sign the honor pledge. We will not consider an examination valid unless you sign the pledge. 4. When you are finished, turn in the answer sheet and the examination by putting them on the correct piles at the podium. Recitation Sections 101 801 W 12:00PM-12:50PM GARDNER 9 Liao, Zongqiang 101 802 W 01:00PM-01:50PM GARDNER 9 Perez, Teresa 101 803 W 02:00PM-02:50PM GARDNER 9 Perez, Teresa 101 804 W 03:00AM-03:50PM GARDNER 9 Tharnpanich, Nat 101 805 W 04:00PM-04:50PM GARDNER 9 Tharnpanich, Nat 101 806 R 08:00AM-08:50AM GARDNER 103 Perez, Teresa 101 807 R 09:30AM-10:20AM GARDNER 9 Akapaiboon, Natta 101 808 R 09:30AM-10:20AM GARDNER 103 Tharnpanich, Nat 101 809 R 11:00AM-11:50AM GARDNER 103 Akapaiboon, Natta 101 810 R 03:30PM-04:20PM GARDNER 103 Liao, Zongqiang 101 811 R 04:30PM-05:20PM GARDNER 103 Jones, David 101 812 W 08:00AM-08:50AM GARDNER 7 Liao, Zongqiang 101 813 R 03:30PM-04:20PM GARDNER 9 Jones, David 101 814 W 08:00AM-08:50AM GARDNER 308 Akapaiboon, Natta Teaching Assistants for Recitation Sections of Econ 101-800 (Salemi), Fall 2007 Course Sect Days Time Bldg Room Instructor
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For every question assume the normal shapes to demand and supply schedules unless instructed otherwise.
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Old Midterm One Form A - Economics 101-008 Professor...

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