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Chapter Two - Chemistry Timeline B.C. 400 B.C. Demokritos and Leucippos use the term "atomos" 2000 years of alchemy 1500's Georg Bauer: systematic metallurgy Paracelsus: medicinal application of minerals 1600's Robert Boyle: The Skeptical Chemist Quantitative experimentation, identification of elements 1700s' Georg Stahl: Phlogiston Theory Joseph Priestly: Discovery of oxygen Antoine Lavoisier: The role of oxygen in combustion, law of conservation of mass, first modern chemistry textbook 1800's Joseph Proust: The law of definite proportion (composition) John Dalton: The Atomic Theory,
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Unformatted text preview: The law of multiple proportions & Joseph Gay-Lussac: Combining volumes of gases, existence of diatomic molecules & Amadeo Avogadro: Molar volumes of gases & Jons Jakob Berzelius: Relative atomic masses, modern symbols for the elements & Dmitri Mendeleyev: The periodic table & J.J. Thomson: discovery of the electron & Henri Becquerel: Discovery of radioactivity 1900's & Robert Millikan: Charge and mass of the electron & Ernest Rutherford: Existence of the nucleus, and its relative size...
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