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Physics 241 –Quiz 23c – April 22, 2008 a) Decreasing slit separation b) Moving the screen closer to the slits c) Reducing the wavelength of light d) Submerging the entire apparatus in water (assuming that the experiment can still be performed properly in water) e) Increasing the width of each slit In Young’s two-slit interference experiment, which of the following will increase the spacing between
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Unformatted text preview: the bright fringes? Since the condition for a bright fringe is d sin θ m = m λ , in order to increase the fringe separation, you must move the screen further from the slits or increase − m-1 . To do the latter, you must either decrease d or increase . Submerging the apparatus in water has the effect of changing to /1.33, and thus it decreases instead....
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