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Quiz_6c - a of the plates by a factor of 1.4 e halving the...

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Physics 241 –Quiz 6c – January 31, 2008 We have a parallel plate capacitor of capacitance C=1 μ F that is made of two square plates. We could double the capacitance by a) doubling the separation d b) doubling charges on the plates Q c) halving potential difference between the plates V d) increasing the edge length
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Unformatted text preview: a of the plates by a factor of 1.4 e) halving the area of the plates A 12 2 8.85 10 ( / ) C N m ε − ≅ × ⋅ d A Q = So increasing by square root of 2 doubles C. (a) and (e) halves C, and (b) and (c) does not change C....
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