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Econ_106P_hw2_summer08-1 - Economics 106P Summer 2008 UCLA...

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Economics 106P Summer 2008 UCLA E. McDevitt Homework #2 (Due July 29 th at the BEGINNING of class) 1. The Scottish Claymore Company specializes in making replicas of the medieval Claymore sword for medieval battle reenactors. It has four production plants in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, and Inverness. The swords are all shipped to one of five distribution centers in London, New York, Boston, Paris, and Rome. The transportation costs (in dollars) between plants and distribution centers are as follows: London NY Boston Paris Rome Edinburgh 24.50 55.70 54.90 29.20 43.30 . Glasgow 26.30 53.70 52.10 33.90 44.40 . Dundee 27.50 55.10 60.60 32.40 46.20 . Inverness 28.90 59.90 67.50 34.20 45.80 . The maximum capacity of the Edinburgh plant is 1072; the capacity of the Glasgow plant is 959; the capacity of the Dundee plant is 920; and the capacity of the Inverness plant is 1250. The minimum required shipments to London, New York, Boston, Paris, and Rome are 785, 671, 752, 845, and 910, respectively. a. The company’s objective is to minimize the cost of transporting its product from its plants to its distribution center while satisfying the above constraints. Write out the objective function and
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