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midterm review - How the chemicals go from plants to the...

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How the chemicals go from plants to the wells Always heavily industrialized, tannery were in existences, etc Wells were in lower elevation, depth of water were shallow, characteristics of Woburn 3 epidemiological studies bifurcation-water work plan: death and justice key witnesses and expert witnesses in the case hydrogeniologist messed up the testimony due to miscalculation yankee report- by riley toxic substances- definition: in relatively small amounts risk assessment-4 components Map of Woburn: Aberjona River, Wells G & H, Grace Plant, Riley/Beatrice Property Industrial history of Woburn area Beatrice Foods purchased the property from Riley Tannery the year the contamination was discovered Events leading to the creation of the cancer cluster map Geology of Woburn contributing to contaminates Lower elevation, southeast of the river PCE- Epidemiological studies of Woburn MDPH-no common exposure, no info on exposure Harvard Health Study-water distribution pattern, water exposure, increase risk Bifurcation – The Waterworks Plan Did the companies contaminate the wells Did the poison cause illness How much is it worth Witnesses in the Woburn Case Expert Witnesses in the Woburn Case and cross- examinations The Yankee Report Prepared 3 years prior to the trial by Riley Result confirmed Pinder’s predictions. The water flows to the east towards the wells through porous soil. Toxic substances definition Materials that can cause death or serious injuries to humans, or significant damage to the environment, in relatively small quantities 4 components to a Risk Assessment (EPA’s IRIS Program) Hazardous identification- gathering and evaluating data on types of health injury or disease and on conditions of exposure
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midterm review - How the chemicals go from plants to the...

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