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Unformatted text preview: 5-34 Equations Set 15: Problem 5-34 Ocean temperature energy conversion (OTEC) power plants generate power by utilizing the naturally occurring decrease with depth of the temperature of ocean water. Near Florida, the ocean surface temperature is 27 C while at a depth of 700 m the temperature is 7 C. a) Determine the maximum thermal efficiency for any power plant at these temperatures b) The thermal efficiencty of existing OTEC plants is about 2%. Compare this with part a and comment. TH = ConvertTemp(C, K, 27) TL = ConvertTemp(C, K, 7) max = 1 - TL /TH real = 0.02 (1) (2) (3) (4) Comment: efficiency is the ratio of power produced to heat provided to the cycle. However, in this case, the heat is free so the low efficiency has somewhat different implications. In this case, it means that the plant will be large (and therefore costly) even though the operating expense may be low. Solution max = 0.06663 [-] TL = 280.2 [K] real = 0.02 [-] TH = 300.1 [K] ...
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