4-24-07 - America Science and the Developing World American...

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America, Science, and the Developing World American politics o Little public attention to problems of developing world o Foreign policy attention: military, trade issues o Extent of problems are made evident by the Millennium development goals: Millennium development goals (for 2015) World Bank, INF, UN General Assembly, UN agencies. Poverty o Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty. Goal: reduce by half the people whose livelihoods are a dollar per day. Primary education Gender equity o Education, labor, political power Child mortality (<5 years) Maternal health HIV/AIDS Tsunami A “global” disaster o A large number of countries were affected by the waves. o It struck many tourism sights which meant that many Europeans and Americans were those washed away. Marginal attention to risks o The chances of a tsunami in the Indian Ocean were not really paid attention to. o What if had better warning and system in place o Everything being written about this tragedy played on the idea that we need to equally distribute efforts to poorer countries. Why is all science and technology focused on the richer countries, they should pay attention to the poorer countries too, things should be more equal. Confusion
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4-24-07 - America Science and the Developing World American...

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