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1 WELCOME TO THE 2002 SCHWESER STUDY NOTES Thank you for purchasing the Schweser Notes. We hope that you find our product effective and user friendly. The following comments are designed to get you started on your studies and draw your attention to some of the important features of the Notes. Suggested Study Program: 1. Starting Early: If you are reading this in January or February, you should have time to study each reading in full detail, review our commentary, and work all the end of reading problems in the Study Notes. As you get closer to the exam date, your focus should shift away from the Notes (Books 1–4) and toward the old exam review (Book 5). Then finally in the week(s) immediately preceding the exam you should devote most of your time to the sample exams (Book 6). While you are working through the sample exams you should also clear up any last-minute problems you may have with the material by continuing to review Books 1–4. Some additional thoughts: Study the ethics material more than once . Ethics is one of the keys to passing the exam. It would be optimal if you could study ethics in February and once again in April or May. Also, buy and read the original Standards of Practice Handbook . Although we are very proud of our summaries of the ethics material, there are two reasons why we recommend that you buy the original Standards of Practice Handbook. (1) You are a CFA candidate. As such, you have pledged to abide by the AIMR Standards. (2) The ethics questions on the actual exam can be an exercise in ‘trivial pursuit.’ Hence, you will be much better off if you read both our summaries of the Standards and the original Handbook. See below for a suggested study schedule for the exam. Also, sign up for our new online program to help you keep the necessary pace prior to the exam. Level 1 Schedule Week of: Topic Study Session / Comments December 31 Ethics 1 A thorough read of ethics is appropriate here. January 7 Economics 4 Econ can be relatively straightforward (except foreign currency issues). Successful level 1 candidates know their econ. January 14 Economics 5 January 21 Economics 6 January 28 Quantitative Methods 2 Although we’ve only assigned two weeks for quant, you will be using these concepts throughout the remainder of the spring. You’ll need to continually review this material as you progress. February 4 Quantitative Methods 3 February 11 Financial Statement Analysis 7 Argh! These can be five of the most brutal weeks in your study plan. There will be some topics
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2 that you will have a hard time grasping. Do as much as you can here – accounting and corp. fin.
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9d4c86d8efed3c042ed2109558941408 - WELCOME TO THE 2002...

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