chapters 12-13 - Sympathetic Division-speed up heart rate...

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Sympathetic Division- speed up heart rate, dilate pupils, and relax the bladder. The sympathetic system is also involved in the flight or fight response. This is a response to potential danger that results in accelerated heart rate and an increase in metabolic rate. (Fight or Flight) Parasymaptheic Division- One of the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system; also called craniosacral division ; generally responsible for activities that conserve energy and lower the metabolic rate. (Rest and Digest) Dural innervation- receives impulses from both sympathetic and parasympathetic neurons ex. Sympathetic increases HR where increased rate of nerve impulses from parasympathetic decrease HR Sympathetic Ganglia- axons are short 2 vertical rows one on each side of vertebral column work w/ above diaphragm Prevertebral lie anterior to vertebral column and close to abdominal arteries help below diaphragm Adrenal Medulla- develops from the same embryonic tissue as Sympathetic ganglia however theses cells release hormones into the blood Epinephrine- is used to help w/ allergies and about 80% during an adrenaline rush Norepinephrine- 20% durin an adreneline rush it has to deal with Attentionp hyperactive disorder Terminal Ganglia- send quick impulses to the brain and then to the spinal cord Neurotransmitters- chemical substances released by neurons at synapse Fight or Flight- physiological responses collectively occur Pupils dilate, HR and BP go up Beak faster, slowing down urine digestion Special senses- hearing, smell, taste, seeing and balance
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chapters 12-13 - Sympathetic Division-speed up heart rate...

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