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Faith Relationship Types

Faith Relationship Types - Pluralism “Truth is not the...

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Exclusivism: “Our own community, our tradition, our understanding of reality, our encounter with God, is the one and only truth, excluding all others.” (My spaghetti recipe is the right one; I learned it from my Mom. You don’t know what spaghetti is until you’ve tasted it.) Inclusivism: “There are, indeed, many communities, traditions, and truths, but our way of seeing things is the culmination of the others, superior to the others, or at least wide enough to include the others under our universal canopy and in our own terms.” (Your recipe may give you spaghetti, but mine’s better.) Syncretism – The best religion comes from a combination of the best characteristics of all religions. (Let’s dump the ingredients of all our recipes into the same pot and see what we come up with.)
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Unformatted text preview: Pluralism: “Truth is not the exclusive or inclusive possession of any one tradition or community. Therefore the diversity of communities, traditions, understandings of the truth, and visions of God is not an obstacle for us to overcome, but an opportunity for our energetic engagement and dialogue with one another. It does not mean giving up our commitments; rather it means opening up those commitments to the give-and-take of mutual discovery, understanding, and, indeed, transformation.” (I can’t tell you which recipe tastes best to you, but I know the one that tastes best to me. Nonetheless, there may be some things we can learn from each other about spaghetti.) Atheism – There is no god; all religions are false. (I hate spaghetti.) See Eck, Encountering God , p. 168...
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