Russell Means - Zachary Cleveland English 1101 July 25,...

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Zachary Cleveland English 1101 July 25, 2008 Russell Means Russell Means has been an activist for the American Indian Movement (AIM) for more than two decades. He has spoken up against the U.S. Government about the treatment of Indians in this country. Means is best known for leading the movement in the 1973 armed seizure of Wounded Knee, South Dakota. This single event brought national attention to Indian-rights issues because it was the site of a previous massacre of the Sioux Indians in 1890. Means and AIM held off federal officials for seventy-one days before their surrender. Russell Charles Means was born in 1939 on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. He refers to himself as an Oglala Lakota Indian, rather than Sioux, which he believes is a term used by white men. He attended various schools while growing up and was a good student until he transferred to the all white San Leandro High School. He was taunted daily because of his ethnicity. Means fought back and fell into a world of drugs and violence. After graduating he worked various jobs and attended five different colleges without ever receiving a degree. In 1969, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio to work for the government-funded American Indian Center. While in Cleveland Means met Dennis Banks, one of the co-founders of the American Indian Movement. Fascinated by the movements goals, Means set up a second chapter of the organization. A little after opening the chapter he led an army of Indians to seize control of the Mayflower II in Plymouth, Massachusetts on Thanksgiving Day.
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Russell Means - Zachary Cleveland English 1101 July 25,...

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