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Chapter 6 Problems

Chapter 6 Problems - Chemistry 141 Lecture Dr Ben Tovrog...

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Chemistry 141 Lecture Dr. Ben Tovrog Chapter 6 Supplemental Problems 1. Calculate Δ E for a system undergoing an endothermic process in which 15.6 kJ of heat flows and where 1.4 kJ of work is done on the system. 2. Calculate the work associated with the expansion of a gas from 46 L to 64 L at a constant external pressure of 15 atm. 3. A balloon is being inflated to its full extent by heating the air inside it. In the final stages of this process, the volume of the balloon changes from 4.00 x 10 6 L to 4.50 x 10 6 L by the addition of 1.3 x 10 8 J of energy as heat. Assuming that the balloon expands against a constant pressure of 1.0 atm, calculate E for the process (To convert between L atm and J use 1 L atm = 101.3 J) 4. When 1 mole of methane (CH 4 ) is burned at constant pressure, 890 kJ of energy is released as heat. Calculate H for a process in which a 5.8 g sample of methane is burned at constant pressure. 5. One piece of copper jewelry at 105 C has exactly twice the mass of another piece, which is at 45 C.
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