BMGT 301 Homework 1

BMGT 301 Homework 1 - budgeting and reporting capabilities...

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Jaclynn Hilligoss BMGT 301 Sec. 0201 02/07/08 Microsoft Dynamics: Accounting Information System Microsoft Dynamics is a business information system that provides an easy way  to manage and integrate finances, supply chain, e-commerce, manufacturing,  accounting, customer relationship, and human resources within the company. The  software has financial management capabilities and it also allows the company to make  better and quicker decisions along with allowing fellow employees to have access to  some/all of the information in the system.  This software offers financial tools relative to the accounting department. These  features include accounts payable, accounts receivable, and the general ledger. These  accounting features can be updated quickly allowing up to date information in the  system. Also, having these features computerized minimizes human error and  increases the accuracy of reporting financial statements. The program features 
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Unformatted text preview: budgeting and reporting capabilities. This can allow the accounting and finance department with real-time insight on critical financial information which is necessary for smarter, faster business decisions. The reports can even be sent to other employees so they can check or review the information and be apart of the decision-making process within the company. Microsoft Dynamics, if used in my future, would allow me as an accountant to be organized with the financial statements. As well as, apply my skills learned in school in a more effective and less time consuming way. With less time spent on preparing statements and reporting I could spend more time on analyzing the information and helping the company grow. Reference: Microsoft Dynamics:
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BMGT 301 Homework 1 - budgeting and reporting capabilities...

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