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Week 1 additional questions Key 1. a. Mendel approach in analyzing his genetic studies in peas made available three key principles, kindly list the principles and explain briefly what these principles are. Principle of dominance Principle of segregation Principle of independent assortment Principle of dominance: observed trait or the phenotype is dominant. Unobserved trait is recessive Principle of segregation: The two alleles of a gene, such as T and t separate during gamete formation. Principle of independent assortment: The alleles of different genes segregate independently. b. What is monohybrid and dihybrid cross? Monohybrid cross is a cross where only one trait (gene) is considered, but dihybrid considers two traits (genes) c. Describe the main principle of using a testcross to determine an unknown genotype. A testcross is a mating between an individual of unknown genotype and a homozygous recessive individual 2. What type of cross will produce the following genetic ratios? 3:1 ……………………………………
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Week1_Additional_questions_KEY - Week 1 additional...

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