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Study Guide for Quiz 3 (Monday, June 30 th ) What’s the defining difference between a hormone and a neurotransmitter? Can any single biochemical function as both? What is the main way in which steroid hormones work? Why is it misleading to refer to the androgens as the “male hormones” and the estrogens as the “female hormones?” Explain what it means to say that the hypothalamus exerts its influence by controlling what is released from the anterior pituitary gland. What are the gonadotropins? From which structure are they released? Upon which structures do they act? What is the main role of progesterone? Is neurulation the same process as gastrulation? Explain. From which layer of the gastrula does the nervous system develop? About how many days post-conception does the neural tube form? Which two detrimental conditions can occur if it doesn’t completely enclose? Supplementation with which vitamin has been shown to greatly decrease this risk? Be familiar with the slide “Neurodevelopmental Processes” (e.g. be able to correctly
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