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Exam_1_Key_%%28Fall_2006%%29 - CHEMISTRY 2211 EXAM I...

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CHEMISTRY 2211 EXAM I SEPTEMBER 13,2006 SCORE Be sure to read each question carefully. Each question is worth ten points. Partial credit =& will be assigned where appropriate. To receive full credit you must answer the question fi completely. Relax and good luck!! 1. 1. Draw a Lewis structure for the following compound and indicate formal charges where 2. appropriate. Draw Lewis structures for the neutral acid and neutral base that react to form BNH6. 5. acid base 2. (a) For each numbered bond, list the orbital(s) from each atom participating in the Z bond. TOTAL
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(b) Assign bond angles around the central atom for the circled bonds. C-N-C: 1 2b0 C-C-H: I 20" 3. On the line below each of the following structures write its name using IUPAC nomenclature. 4. Using the pK, values found on the last page of the exam give the products of the following acid-base reactions. Write in the last column whether the reactants or the products are favored at equilibrium.
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