Chapter 3 Review

Chapter 3 Review - Chapter 3 Development of Plate Tectonics...

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Chapter 3 – Development of Plate Tectonics 1. Who was Alfred Wegner? German Meteorologist, published “the origin of the continents and oceans” postulated a supercontinent Pangea had existed approximately 200 million years before, his brilliant observations started the geologic community down the road to Plate tectonics. What is Pangaea? The continents had once fit together like pieces of a giant puzzle to make one vast supercontinent called Pangaea. What were the 5 lines of evidence Wegner used to support his Continental Drift hypothesis? 1) Fit of the Continents 2) Glacial Evidence 3) Equatorial Climatic Belts 4) Fossil Remains 5) Matching Geologic Units Did the mechanism he proposed to move the continents fit the physical properties of rock? No because Wegner proposed that the force created by the rotation of the Earth could cause a supercontinent centered at a pole to break up into pieces that would move toward equatorial latitudes. He proposed that the continental crust and the upper most part of the mantle moved by plowing through oceanic crust as a ship plows through water. But geologists found this unsatisfactory. Experiments showed that the relatively weak rock making up the continents cannot plow through the relatively strong rock making up the oceanic floor and that the force generated by the Earth’s spin is a million times too small to move a continent. 2.
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Chapter 3 Review - Chapter 3 Development of Plate Tectonics...

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