Chapter 7 Review

Chapter 7 Review - Chapter 7 Sedimentary rocks 1. What size...

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Chapter 7 – Sedimentary rocks 1. What size are coarse, medium and fine grains? Coarse: boulders, cobbles, pebbles; Medium: sand; Fine: silt, clay Why do exfoliation and vertical joints form? Exfoliation joints: large granite plutons that split into onion like sheets along joints that lie parallel to the mountain face. What are the differences between frost, root, and salt wedging ? Frost: when the water trapped in a joint freezes it forces the joint open and may cause the joint to grow. Root: Tree roots that grow into joints can push joints open. Salt: Dissolved salt in groundwater precipitates and grows as crystals in open pore spaces in rocks How do thermal expansion and animal attack physically weather rocks? Thermal: When the head of an intense forest fire bakes a rock, the outer layer of the rock expands. On cooling the layer contracts. This change creates forces in the rock sufficient to make the outer part of the rock spall or break off in sheet like pieces Animal attack: animal life also contributes to physical weathering: burrowing creatures from earthworms to gophers push open cracks and move rock fragments. 2. What is the process of dissolution ? Chemical weathering during which minerals dissolve into water W hat two factors does it depend on? Biological: animals, trees; Chemical: acid, carbonic acid, sulfuric acid What is hydrolysis ? Water chemically reacts with minerals and breaks them down. What types of minerals are typically involved and what ions are liberated by this type of weathering
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Chapter 7 Review - Chapter 7 Sedimentary rocks 1. What size...

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