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Course Analytical Frameworks 1. Four stages in the evolution of a militant group. 1) Grievance 2) Activist Cadre (take action and mobilization of discontented group) 3) Militant Analysis 4) Construction of a group • explain the grievance • point out who is responsible • explain solution or remedy 2. Seven types of political terrorist groups. • State Sponsored, Anarchist, Single Issue, Religious, Right- Wing, Left-Wing, Ethnic • 5 vehicles of terrorists 1) Lone Wolf (one person, Atlanta bombing, anthrax) 2) State Intelligence Service 3) Classic Urban Terrorist Group (ETA, HAMMAS) 4) Insurgent Group (LTTE, Hezbollah, Al-Qeda) 5) Autonomous Terrorist Cells (ATCs): influenced by a “movement” or grievance, no command or control. (Environment, Abortion, Animal-Rights, Global Jihad) • Command Terrorism : carried out by an individual/units directed or coordinated by a recognized command structure of a larger parent terrorist organization. • Leaderless Terrorism
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  • Spring '08
  • Pluchinsky
  • terrorist attack, Urban Terrorist Group, political terrorist groups, global jihad movement, terrorist target research

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Course_Analytical_Frameworks_-_Spring_2007 - Course...

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