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Ch. 59 Music and Ballet in 19 th Cent. Russia No. 161 Modest Mussorgsky , “with in four walls” from Sunless 1874 Genre: Russian song cycle - 1 st song of song cycle - chords hover over D major triad; D is constant - m2-4 contrast in textures between closely spaced harmony - m9-12 tension increases w/ bass and chords separating - m 13-14 collide in dissonance - Tranquility returns in final bars - non functional harmony - feeling of claustrophobia; note clusters - Poet Arseny Golenishchev-Kutuzov No 162 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky , “the Nutcracker” Act I, scene 8 1892 Genre: Ballet - ABA’, - harps have hemiola (at coda m57) - melody is double (octave or unison) - full orchestra, transposing inst. - augmented chords, parallel 5ths S Bedrich Smetana , from Bohemia’s “forests and Meadows” from My Homeland 1875 Genre: - piece embodies the feeling of being Czech. - mode change depicts girl walking through fields (gm – G maj) - ¾ section depicts sun overhead on a summer day at noon - trees block sunlight leaving feeling of twilight bcz light can’t penetrate - repeating triplet motive suggest twittering birds & starts FUGUE (starts from top to bottom and become more frequent) - F major theme emerges in horns - Polka like dance - gm motive represents folk like traditions of Czech people - piece alternates from harmonically stable section to harmonically unstable sections - at end preceding the restatement of the theme, there is a Lisztian “stormy interlude” Ch. 55 German Opera of the 19 Cent. No 154 Richard Wagner , The Rhine Gold “Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla” (sc.4) 1854 Genre: Opera - librettist: Wagner - Leitmotives - 1 st opera in Ring cycle - Wagner tuba - Dbmajor - substituted assonance/alliteration (staubrium) (speech like)
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S Wagner “Love Death” from Act III of Tristan und Isolde (1857-9) Genre: Opera - starts letting rhyme into text - harmonic sophistocation - dissonance resolves in appoggiaturas Ch. 56 Opera in Italy: Rossini and Verdi No. 156 Giuseppe Verdi , Otello Act IV scene 3 1887 Genre: Opera
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brown_fall_06_listening - Ch 59 Music and Ballet in 19th...

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