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Nutrition Sample exam

Nutrition Sample exam - All of the following are...

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) All of the following are characteristics for Splenda except A.Made from sugar so it tastes like sugar B. No unpleasant aftertaste C. Contains glucose D.Can be used in cooking and baking E. Contains a small amount of common food ingredients such as dextrose and/or maltodextrin for volume 2) _________ is the body’s primary source of energy A. Fructose B. Sucrose C. Glycogen D. Glucose E. Galactose 3) Emulsifying agent produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder aids fat digestion and absorption. A. Amino Acid B. Cholestrol C. Mucus D. Bile E. Protein 4) Dietary fiber is an indigestible _________ that serves separately as a body regulatory agent. A. Fat B. Protein C. Carbohydrate D. Acid E. Amino Acid 5) All of the following are broad based public health goals of Healthy People 2010 except… A. Treating diseases B. Increase in the span of a healthy life C. Reduction in health disparities D. Access to preventive health care services E. All of the above
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a A. Registered Dietitian B. Clinical Nutrition Specialist C. Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) D. Certified Nutrition Support Dietitian (CNSD) E. None of the above 7) Less than ________ percent of kcal should be from saturated fat A. 20 B. 35 C. 10 D. 25 E. 15 8) A non caloric artificial fat made from sucrose and fatty acids; formerly polyester A. Olestra B. Olean C. Nutra Sweet D. Aspartame E. 9) In this diet, dairy products are used to complement basic diet of plant foods. A. Lacto-ovo vegetarian B. Lacto-vegetarian C. Ovo- vegetarian D. Vegan E. Partial Vegetarian 10) When it comes to alcoholic beverages, drinking should be done in moderation where the maximum drinks per day should be A. 1 for women, 2 for men B. 2 for women, 3 for men C. 2 for women, 1 for men D. Men and women should drink the same E. None of the above 11) To prevent chronic disease you need to engage in physical activity of ______ on most days. A.
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Nutrition Sample exam - All of the following are...

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