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Critical Thinking Worksheet #2

Critical Thinking Worksheet #2 - Stephanie Drybala Critical...

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Stephanie Drybala Critical Thinking Worksheet #2 September 28, 2007 I believe, as do the majority of scientists that using cell phones and living by power lines do not cause cancer; nor does using a microwave or other type low Hz radioactive device. The Science Department of the Government spent over $23 billion dollars in research to find out the truth about the beliefs that these radioactive objects cause cancer. The controversy of these different types of radioactive devices causing cancer began with Paul Brodeur. He felt that power lines were causing cancer; more specifically, leukemia in young children. He thought there to be a direct correlation between power lines and children who had cancer. A series of experiments were run to determine if this was true or not. However, the experiments were not completely accurate. The experiments were not “blind”, and the relative strengths of the power-line fields were not measured. They were estimated based on the size and closeness of power lines. This is not at all an accurate study. Another interesting aspect of the children being diagnosed with leukemia is that these children were coming from neighborhoods that are poor, congested, and polluted. These types of areas typically have more power lines. However, the power lines were not causing the cancer. Living in poverty, in a congested, polluted area such as a city does however increase the risk of contracting cancer. The frequency emitted from a power-line is so low that we cannot even think of it in terms of radiation or photons. The power-lines are measured in separate electric and
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magnetic fields. These electric fields do not in any way pose a hazard to our health.
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