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Essay for ceremony - “multi-racial” profile compared to others who are plain white Indian or Mexican His struggles of his race and post war

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Seung Yeo Per:2 English IB Mr.Costa Ceremony The struggles engulfed in Ceremony had plenty to do with before, during, and after the war. It not only captured the people who were physically involved in the war but also, among others around them. Even through the extent of the whole human race. One main focus was the struggle of having to deal with all the horrors left behind in the deepest and darkest thought in your head that are bound to eat away at you for a lifetime. For example, Tayo and his friends try to rid their problems and escape reality by going to a bar and drink their problems away, even when they are fully aware of the consequences for the near future, alcohol addiction, closely leading to death. Along with that came the struggle of dealing with many contrasts between his
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Unformatted text preview: “multi-racial” profile compared to others who are plain white, Indian, or Mexican. His struggles of his race and post war trauma caused for the whole human race to pick on every little aspect of flaws in his life. They either belittled him because of his multiracial profile or think of him as more superior than others, which in this case; none is true in the matter. For example, when Emo kept on teasing him about being more superior compared to the rest of his friends because he was partly white. After all, this all big mishap connected not only Tayo and the war, but the whole human race begun to get involved as well, even though they were not physically involved as much as Tayo had been....
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