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Midterm Study Guide

Midterm Study Guide - Philosophy Study Guide 1 Each lecture...

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Philosophy Study Guide 1. Each lecture topic in the syllabus is the basis for a potential question. Look at syllabus 2. What is philosophy? Philosophy broken down means the love of wisdom or love of learning. Philosophy is the art of skillful wondering about the world. Philosophy is about learning to live life well. Philosophy according to Plato and Aristotle begins with wonder, then ignorance, then pursuing knowledge, and it is without any useful end. Philosophy is here to help you live the full human life. 3. Who was the first philosopher? What story does Socrates tell about him? Thales was the first philosopher. Socrates tells the story that he was so busy looking out at the stars. He fell into his neighbors well and they laughed. 4. The three authors and authorities for the course thus far, their birth and death dates and the language in which they worked. Socrates was born 469BC and died 399BC. Plato was born 427BC and died 347BC. Aristotle was born 384BC and died 322BC. They all worked in the Greek language. Socrates never wrote anything. 5. What is metaphysics? Metaphysics is the first philosophy. It is in so far as it is being. The study of what it is, as it is. 6. Discuss the views of Plato and Aristotle in respect to ordinary people. Socrates and Plato did not have a lot of respect for ordinary people They thought philosophers should be running the world. Plato said “The unexamined life is not worth living for men.” Aristotle said “The job of philosophy is to explain how the virtue and wisdom of ordinary people are true.” Aristotle thought people were capable of living moral virtous lives by the wisdom that is handed down to them. 7. What was the philosophical relationship between Plato and Socrates and how can one speak of the opinions of each? Socrates taught Plato. Socrates never wrote anything. Plato never says anything in his own voice, he only appears. Plato wrote dialogues. For Plato the day Socrates died was the day Philosophy died. Socrates was Plato’s icon. 8. Discuss military and civic valor with respect to Socrates. Socrates was in the military. He thought that civic valor was greater than military valor because in civic valor you are standing up against your friends, in military valor you are standing up to your enemies.
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9. The analogy of the Good. The Sun allows you to see things through your eyes. The Sun illuminates the eyes so that we can see things or objects.
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