Criticial Thinking Worksheet #1

Criticial Thinking Worksheet #1 - Stephanie Drybala Dr....

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Stephanie Drybala Dr. Solis Critical Thinking Worksheet #1 September 7, 2007 I am choosing to write my essay on Chapter 3 of “Voodoo Science”. Placebos have many side effects that are not listed on the label. Many people can do more harm to themselves than good by taking these placebos. Also, it is very important to tell your doctor about any of these alternative medications that you may be taking as it may not mix well with other medications that your doctor may be describing. Many studies have shown that if a patient believes what they are taking will help them; it actually will help them feel up to 50% better. It falls along the concept of matter over mind. Pain is a signal that there is something wrong. This signal is sent to the brain. However, the placebos work to fool the brain. When you take a placebo you are sending a signal to your brain that everything is ok and will be better. You are actually tricking your body into thinking it is being healed. Healers have relied on the placebo effect for thousands of years. Up until recently the placebo effect has been called the “mysterious” placebo effect. Nobody understood how
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Criticial Thinking Worksheet #1 - Stephanie Drybala Dr....

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