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Unformatted text preview: W The Station nightclub in West Warwick Rhode Island caught fire during a Great White I show on the night of February 20. 2003. killing 100 people and injuring 200. it was the deadliestfifv nightclub fire in the United States since 1977. The fire was a result of a combination ofaggg” MW ggngksujlqps by both the club owners and the band's manager. Highly flammable soundproofing foam was lit by an ill—advised pyrotechnic display and the lack of a clear exit strategy led to overcrowding at the main entrance and patrons' inability to escape the flames and smoke. Using lessons learned from this tragedy. fellow nightclub owners should be able to better understand how to anticipate and prevent against such risks A number of factors contributed to the Station tragedy. One of the main issues was the soundpflmgfqpifjngflfoamwgsed on the walls surrounding the stage. The foam was never meant to be used as soundproofing — it was made for packaging and displays. Because of this. it hadn't been treated with any sort of flame retardant and the fire caught and spread quickly. The club had QQmj.[,1§talLe.$LSnfilQJ$l§L§y8ter13. and the fire was able to spread unchecked until emergency services arrived. Thwefipyflrmgtr quqsflused by the band manager shot sparks 15 feet into the air. and were reportedly ggtmgjggggggmyvtithmme clumpwnegs, prior to the show. These sparks ignited the foam within seconds, and in under two minutes the air temperature 5 feet over the stage and dance floor areas exceeded 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. While the rapid increase in temperature likely accounts for many fatalities, the other main contributing factor was the mg. Contrary to reports by the club owners. the occupancy that night was tallied at 462, far exceeding the largest of three maximum occupancy limits. 404. Two—thirds of patrons headed for the most visible and centrally located exit. the main entrance. Unfortunately. the main entrance was at the end of a narrow corridor. and in the rush to escape the flames people were crushed and ended up blocking the way. Without knowledge of and easy access to alternate exits. people were injured or perished in the rush to squeeze out one small door. The ngggqusses as a result of this fire are numerous. The Station Nightclub and its contents were completely ruined. resulting in a totalpggpggty loss for the club as well as for the band. regarding their equipment. More importantly, 100 lives were lost and 200 people were flutgdfip‘y the smoke and flames. The club owners and band manager were all sentenced in Woun for their contributions to the fire — installation of flammable foam and allowing overcrowdig'gmfgr‘the club owners. and setting off the pyrotechnics that started it all for the band managenfCiviljgases were also brought against numerous entities for their contributions. including the television station that was filming at the club that night (whose equipment blocked one of the emergency exits). a speaker company accused of using flammable foam inside their speakers. the company that manufactured the foam on the club‘s walls. and numerous other contributing entities. The ngggptjofisggsugf this fire are far-reaching. due to the heavy loss of life. The band's lead guitarist perished in the fire. resulting in emotional hardship for the band and his family, as well as difficulties for the band professionally. The entire town was affected by the loss of life in this fire. either by direct loss of a friend or family member. or because they knew someone who lost a loved one. Plans for a memorial park on the site are underway. but nothing will replace those 100 people. Important from the standpoint of the club is not only the lost revenue from no longer having a venue. but the loss of the owners to jail sentences, mm 4 «tax animwmuea—my; at thviiu-Thimhfim While insurance can help to replace damaged property, nothing can replace the lives lost or tragically affected by this fire. Only a sound system of risk prevention and reduction plans could help to prevent such a tragedy from occurring again. The NIST used mockups and computer simulations to recreate what happened and develop strategies to keep it from happening again. They suggested mgmflgfimnuildimgmcodeLeMQmQMS for installation of sprinkler systems (and the removal of grandfather clauses exempting older buildings from such requirements), gigghmpn flammable materials. andwrgsmggiaggglgn the use of pyrotechnics in such small venues. However, even with these changes. accidents can still occur. The NIST also suggested increasing the number of emergencym to accommodate one being blocked in a given emergency and increasing the capacity of the main exit to be able to handle two— thirds of the maximum occupancy of a venue. Had the Station nightclub put such a strategy into place, the loss of life would likely have been greatly reduced. it“? ,. ml”: Wire} llfifl/f» Resources: ‘3 gt... .a NlST Draft Report on the Station Nightclub Fire http://wwwnistgov/gublic afiairs/ncstthtm#draft report The Station Nightclub Fire. Wikipediaorg. Last modified July 8. 2008. The Station Fire. Providence Journal. Last updated December 3. 2007. Rl. Fire Board Urged to Update Fire Codes without Legislation. Providence Journal. September 27. 2007. httpj/ ...
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summer%202008%20homework%201%20sample%20two - W The Station...

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