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Case Writeup Directions

Case Writeup Directions - Case Write-up Guidelines The...

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Case Write-up Guidelines The purpose of the 2-page write-up is not to show that you have read the case but to show that you have thoroughly analyzed it in your groups and come to a conclusion as to what you would recommend, given your current marketing expertise. So, given this goal, don’t repeat the facts of the case for me – I’ve read it – I want to know what your analysis is. Incorporate the critical facts of the case, but only as they support your argument. I believe that assessing the problem/issue is part of the case analysis – some cases spell it out quite clearly, others require some more analysis to get at the question they’re asking. If you want to make sure you’ve assessed the issue/question correctly, feel free to discuss it with me at any point before it’s due. In order to keep your write-up within the 2-page (max) limit while still being thorough, feel free to use bullet points and concise business writing.
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