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Many companies announce in their corporate communications: “Our people are our greatest resource.” Interms of the criteria listed in Figure 5.7, explain how employees be considered of the utmost strategicimportance.
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Unformatted text preview:Durability. The employees can support the company over a very long time. Example of that can be "the brand face" of Progressive the woman Flo. Transferability. Most human resources are very transferable since employees can be easily moved from one location within the company or from one company to another. Replicability. People are the resource that can be educated and trained for the specific norms and needs of the company. This way employees can be a unique resource of the company. The third part also consists of three ingredients. This part of the model is all about employees who provide skills and efforts to the companies. In my opinion, without a human, a resource of any company has no value. Since the people who operate, manage, plan and even create the strategies know how to build a company that is profitable.