Bio 120 Lab #7 Write up

Bio 120 Lab #7 Write up - In exercise 7, Macromolecules II:...

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In exercise 7, Macromolecules II: Quantitative Tests, a glucose analysis as well as a protein analysis is done to determine the absorbency of a number of known sample concentrations. These tests are performed for various reasons. One reason is to increase our knowledge of the physiological activities of organisms. This is done by acquiring information related to the location of different chemical compounds and the physical and chemical adaptations they withstand. In doing so, it is important to uncover which substances are at hand, and the size or concentration of those substances. In measuring the amounts or concentration of substances, quantitative analysis is used. Quantitative analysis is important in clarifying how cells or other structures operate. It is also helpful in developing an expertise in ecology. In this exercise, the quantitative analysis is used to determine the unknown solution that accommodates both protein and glucose. My hypothese was that there would be a steady increase of absorption for both protein and glucose, as the concentration amount also increased. To determine the protein concentration in a substance, a cousmassie brilliant blue dye is used. In the Cousmassie Blue Test for Protein, six labeled spectrophotometer tubes are used. Each tube is labeled by what 0.2 mL of standard they contain (0, 0.1, 0.25, 0.4, 0.55, and 0.7 mg/mL protein). The protein standards are
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Bio 120 Lab #7 Write up - In exercise 7, Macromolecules II:...

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