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EEP 151/Econ 171 Economic Development Fall 2007 Policy Brief #4 Global climate change and the poorest: What should be done? Due at the beginning of class, Tuesday November 6 If you enter the following search key words in Google: “global climate change poorest” you will immediately see headlines such as the following: “Poor will feel greatest impact of climate change” “The poorest people in the world will be worst hit by climate change” “Climate change hits the poor hardest” etc. You do not need go beyond Google’s first 10 personalized results to have enough  evidence from respectable sources (IPCC, BBC, Stern Report, Al Gore, Dfid, EU, etc.)  that this is a major international development issue that requires urgent attention. As a 
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Unformatted text preview: development economist, using concepts that we have used in this course, write a letter to your congressperson making an argument on the following: 1. Explain why it is “the poorest who will be hit the worst by climate change”. 2. Based on the “Polluter Pays Principle” in international environmental law (you can check the definition in Wikipedia) , explain who should be mainly responsible to do something in order to reduce the impact of climate change on the poor. 3. Using sound economic principles, what is your recommendation to your congressperson as to what the government should be doing to reduce the impact of climate change on the world poor?...
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