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PolicyBrief2_Global - or two selected issues only(such as...

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EEP 151/Econ 171 Economic Development Fall 2007 Policy Brief #2 The debate on globalization: Can positions be reconciled? Due at the beginning of class, Thursday September 20 Globalization drives the world economy, yet elicits passions as can be seen by mass protest movements when organizations such as the G8 Summit (in Heiligendamm, Germany) and the WTO (in Seattle, Milan, Cancun) hold their meetings. What are the arguments in favor and against globalization? Could the warring parties be brought to a negotiating table instead of confrontation in the streets? Review the arguments in favor and against globalization. You may want to focus on one
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Unformatted text preview: or two selected issues only (such as who controls globalization, impact on the poor, impact on the environment). In your Policy Brief: 1. Map the arguments in favor and against globalization, and who represents them. 2. Propose a strategy to bring the warring parties closer to an agreement. There are two useful sources of information on globalization that you can use, with short papers posted: Yale Global online (see for example papers by Ernesto Zedillo, David Wessel, Geoffrey Garrett, Christine Elsaeßer ): http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/globalization Global Exchange (see The Global Economy): http://www.globalexchange.org/...
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