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PB4 Dear Congressperson, Subject: Climate change affects the poorest the most; Needs immediate attention Discussions regarding the responsibility of big companies and governments for rapid global climate change constantly appear on the news. But, an important element of who will be worst affected is often left out of most discussions in developing countries. The poorest in the world will be most affected by global climate change. By the poorest, I mean not only the poor in developing countries but also the poor in developed countries. There are multiple reasons for this; first, the poor live in low- lying tropical areas that would be the first to submerge with even the minutest change in sea levels. Second, the poor do not have the infrastructure necessary to cope with the risks that climate change brings with it. Third, there is already scarcity of potable water in some regions in Asia and Africa with climate change availability of fresh water is expected to decrease even more as the glaciers deplete. Fourth, lack of resources to respond to the emergency. Some of the world’s poor have agricultural land
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