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Policy Brief 5 Fair Trade Will Only Work If Its Policies Are Changed Fair trade is an organized social movement that advocates producers of agricultural goods receiving fair prices and promotes setting certain economic, social, and environmental standards for the production and trade of these goods to occur in; fair trade certification guarantees that these strict standards are met. Fair trade principles include the following: fair prices for organizations of farmers of the commodity through the implementation of minimum price floors for those who follow certain fair trade guidelines; fair labor conditions including safe working conditions, living wages, and the prohibition of forced child labor; the reduction of the number of middlemen in the commodity chain in order to provide farmers with a greater sense of empowerment in the trade process; providing farmers in the fair trade organizations a greater voice in deciding how revenues are utilized; encouraging fair trade farmers to invest revenues in social and business development projects; and promoting environmental sustainability through the prohibition of harmful agrochemicals and GMOs in the production of agricultural goods. These free trade principles differ greatly from those of free trade--free trade calls for profit
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