HST 370 Quiz 5 - What event greatly contributed to...

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What event greatly contributed to California's increasing importance in world trade? the opening of the Suez Canal the opening of the Panama Canal the international exposition held in Los Angeles in 1915 all of the above Which of the following statements does not describe events during World War I? The 130,000 Californians who served in the war included a large number of women, participating as army nurses or in the Red Cross and other support organizations. Radicalism and dissent came under attack at home. The California agriculture significanctly contributed to the American war effort -no California growers increased the production of cotton significantly in response to the wartime demand. Progressives differed from the political approach typical of the Gilded Age most significantly because they believed that government should play a larger role in the lives of Americans they wanted to eliminate corporations because they routinely abused their power they willingly embraced the diversity of California in order to make the political system more responsive to the electorate- no all of the above The governor who presided over the heyday of progressive reform in California was Hiram Jackson Theodore Bell Hiram Johnson Robert La Follette Which of the following statements is not true of John Muir? He helped found the Sierra Club in 1892. He argued against the building of Hetch Hetchy. He believed that nature has intrinsic value of its own. He believed in anthropocentrism Angel Island immigration station was established in 1910
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to curb the immigration of Japanese to the United States- no to interrogate and detain Chinese suspected of entering the country on fraudulent papers at the request of President Roosevelt, after he negotiated the Gentlemen's Agreement with Japan, to make sure that no more Japanese entered California a and c -no The progressive vanguard consisted of socialist Californians affluent members of the middle class labor leaders business leaders The "Brown Scare" was a term used to describe Californians' attitudes about
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HST 370 Quiz 5 - What event greatly contributed to...

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