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policy_brief_2example - A DAVID AND GOLIATH STORY HOW TO...

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A D AVID AND G OLIATH S TORY : H OW TO R ECONCILE P EACE ON G LOBALIZATION The world taking on a passive corporate face, the trend towards globalization seems to invite ardent, enraged protestors, voicing cries for change—sometimes ending in violence. What is it then, about globalization, that creates such an intensive divide on its promise for the developing world? Is there a strategy to reconcile a position on globalization between the two warring parties that will address the problems facing underdevelopment in the third world and dealing with the authorities possessing an inordinate amount of control over free trade? Globalization is the contemporary phenomenon of the worldwide integration of cultural, economic, political, and social systems, fueled by powerful developments in telecommunications. Within economics, it may describe a trend local to one country or place taking wings and extending across the globe—hinting at a general convergence in prices, products, wages, and profits. In the era subsequent to WWII, a series of agreements to remove
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