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syllabus - Physics 141A Problem Set 8 Solutions April 6...

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PHYSICS 141A S. G. Louie Spring 2007 Time & Place : Tu, Th, 8–9:30am, 325 Le Conte Hall Office Hours: 545 Birge, Tuesdays 10–11am; Thursdays 11am–noon If you need to schedule a special appointment, please see me after class. GSI : Padraig Murphy (pronounced Pawed-rig) [email protected] Office hrs: Thursday 2–4, 465 Birge Discussion Sections : Sec. 1 - Tu 1–2pm, 51 Evans (No discussion section first week.) Sec. 2 - Th 1–2pm, 55 Evans (No discussion section first week.) Course webpage: http://civet.berkeley.edu Prerequisites : Physics 137A and 137B Text : C. Kittel’s Introduction to Solid State (8th edition) Grading & exams : Problem sets—30%; 2 midterm exams (in class)—30%; final exam (3hrs)— 40%. Problem Sets : Due before 5:00pm on due date in the 141A box in 251 LeConte Hall (the Reading Room). Late problem sets will be graded but will not count much (20% off each day late). Graded sets will be returned in 1–2 weeks. Uncollected problem sets, written materials, late problem sets, etc. are handled by the GSI.
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