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HST Quiz 1 - What has been the result of extensive water...

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What has been the result of extensive water development in California? a. It has augmented the power of both state and local governments. b. It has tendedto favor large-scale commercial farming over small family farms. c. It has intensified political and sectional conflict in the state. d. All of the above The Los Angeles region was the home territory of which Indians? a. The Costanoan b. The Gabrielino c. The Coast Miwok d. The Chumash Indian and Spanish moral and cultural values differed significantly on allof the following areas except a. burial practices b. the value placed on family and marriage c. ideas about sexuality before marriage d. acceptance of homosexuality Acorns from oak, a significant food source for most California Indians, a. contain a poisonous tannic acid that needs to be leached out suing a time- consuming process b. were plentiful but not very nutritious, leading to nutritional deficiencies c. required an extensive harvesting effort because oak trees produce so few d. were also a significant trade item because oak trees only grow in few parts of the region Which of the following terms best describes the European relationship to the environmnet, in opposition to the way Indian peoples viewed it? a. conquest b. exploitation c. instrumental value d. all of the above The term used in reference to Indian spiritual leaders is a. peon b. shaman c. peyote d. berdache The term hydraulic society, as used by the historian Donald Worster , implies that California is characterized by
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a. ots dependence on water development b. the centralized structure of water development c. vulnerability to disorder if water resources were to fail d. all of the above Spanish water law a. emphasized community rights over individual rights b. demonstrated respect for Indian water rights c. created a monopolistic water distribution system
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