The Birds response

The Birds response - Real Life Significance of “The...

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Unformatted text preview: Real Life Significance of “The Birds” In the short story ‘The Birds” by Daphne du Maurier, there are many symbols and events which closely resemble society in Britain during this time period. Many aspects of the story are socially, politically, and technologically significant in terms of post World War II Britain. In the very beginning of the story, du Maurier describes a sudden change in climate, such as changing in winds and dreary conditions coming on. Interestingly in 1952, industrial chimneys created what they called the Great Smog in London, where the skies were permanently dark caused by the massive amounts of pollution being put into the air. The dark skies and changing weather in “The Birds” could easily have been intended by du Maurier to represent this smog. Also, World War II had devastated Britain immensely with frequent bombing and raids by Germany. The raids were almost identical to the attacks of the birds in the story, where strikes would be violent and long...
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The Birds response - Real Life Significance of “The...

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