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Africa needs additional attention, compared to other underdeveloped regions, in order to meet Millennium Development Goals. As the year of 2007 is passing, it is time to evaluate the progress of underdeveloped regions that are striving to achieve Millennium Development Goals. There are countries that are on their way to meet the set target by the year of 2015, however there are others that still need help -mainly on the continent of Africa. Just by focusing on the first Goal, which strives to reduce extreme poverty and hunger, it can be noticed that some regions on the continent are going in the opposite direction of the desired progress. The overall economic growth is lacking in the magnitude, which in turn slows down desirable development that is needed to improve living conditions of African people. Unfortunately judging by the current pace of the progress, Africa is not going to reach the first Millennium Development Goal. First of all, poverty rates have only remained unchanged or have marginally declined throughout African continent. Moreover, the
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