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PolicyBrief1 - Two useful sources on the MDG and Africa are...

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EEP 151/Econ 171 Economic Development Fall 2007 Policy Brief #1 Will the Millennium Development Goals be met? Due at the beginning of class, Tuesday September 4 The first Millennium Development Goal is to reduce extreme poverty and hunger by half between 1990 and 2015. The UN Secretary is in charge of monitoring progress and of initiating actions to facilitate progress toward meeting the goals. Your first Policy Brief is addressed to him. Focus on Africa. Give him a brief on the following issues: 1. Will MDG1 be met? (Give a progress report) 2. If not, what are the main reasons? (Give a diagnostic) 3. What should he be doing in his capacity of UN Secretary? (Give recommendations)
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Unformatted text preview: Two useful sources on the MDG and Africa are: http://www.uneca.org/mdgs/MDGs_in_Africa.pdf http://www.undg.org/archive_docs/2799-Achieving_the_MDGs_in_Africa__Progress__Prospects__and_Policy_Implications_-_Africa.pdf Note: A policy brief is a one page easily readable typewritten statement. It should have a title that conveys your punchline. This is very important as most readers will only remember your title. It better be informative. It should be structured with analysis, diagnostic, and recommendations. The Brief should end with a one or two sentences paragraph that recaps your message in a memorable fashion....
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