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Hendrik Wolff Some Matlab syntax discussed in section, January 26, 2006 (I) vector+scalar is possible (although dangerous, since it deviates from matrix rules). Instead of a “for loop”, i.e. for i=1:n e(i) = exp(Xb(i)+s2/2);end; %write e=exp(Xb+s2/2); % if you want to be more consistent with matrix rules, write: e=exp(Xb+ones(n,1)*s2/2); (II) The Two Meanings of the command diag Let V = s2*inv(X'*X); For calculating the standard error: Instead of writing se=zeros(4,1); for i=1:4 se(i)= sqrt(V(i,i));end;
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Unformatted text preview: diag can generate a vector by taking the diagonal elements of a matrix. se = sqrt(diag(V)); diag can also generate a diagonal matrix DiagonalMatrix = diag(se); Hint: this command turns out to be useful for the construction of the robust covariance matrix term Σ [e 2 (i)x(i)x(i)']. (III) Parametric bootstrap: outboot=zeros(nboot,k); for iboot=1:nboot, u=floor(n*rand(n,1)+1); y_b=x*beta+eps(u,1); [beta_b]=ols(y_b,x); outboot(iboot,:)=beta_b'; end,...
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