EEPi43 Quiz 2 Study Questions extended

EEPi43 Quiz 2 Study Questions extended - 1 Explain the...

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1. Explain the basic difference between patent law and copyright law as it concerns blocking rights. 2. Explain why blocking rights are important in setting the incentives for successive innovators. In answering this, distinguish between (a) two stages of innovation (basic and applied research), and (b) a quality ladder where each innovator is replaced in the market. 3. Name four innovation challenges faced by the BP/Berkeley/LBL/UIUC Energy Biosciences Initiative. 4. Name one potential holdup of patented technology that the EBI might face. 5. Explain how the Biobricks initiative in synthetic biology relates to the work of Adam Smith. 6. Describe three distinct types of cumulative innovation. Give examples (in a sentence or so) of each. 7. Identify two classes of research tools with distinctly different possibilities of reverse engineering. 8. Give two historical examples of innovations that built on others’ work. 9. Assume firm x has a research tool that firm y could use to make a new product innovation that infringes the prior innovation. Under what cost conditions will ex ante licensing yield more to firm x than ex post licensing? 10.Explain with a diagram why it may be efficient to have a narrow patent with a long life than a broader patent with a shorter life, which offers the same present value of incentive. Can you relate your answer to the “ratio
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EEPi43 Quiz 2 Study Questions extended - 1 Explain the...

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