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Econ 201b–Second Half–Spring 2006 List of Theorems for the Final Exam You are responsible for the statements of all theorems stated in the text or in class. In addition, you will be either be asked to give all or a part of the proof of one of the following theorems, or to do computation(s) that require understanding the proofs of one or more of the following theorems: 1. Second Welfare Theorem, Exchange Case (Lecture 6)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Debreu-Gale-Kuhn-Nikaido Lemma (Lecture 8) 3. Debreu’s Theorem on Generic Determinacy of Equilibrium (Corollary 3 in Lecture 11) 4. Every Walrasian Allocation Lies in the Core (Theorem 3, Lecture 13) 5. The Frst two bullets in the proof of Theorem 4, Lecture 13 Please make sure you work from the revised version of the Lecture Notes posted after the lecture. 1...
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